This Is My Story

My name is Ilan and I have been passionate about personal finance since I can remember myself. I have always been interested in this subject, and over the years I have developed a deep understanding of it.

From learning the basics to exploring more advanced concepts, I am constantly looking for ways to expand my knowledge. Through this journey, I have gained valuable insights that I am excited to share with you.

As a newcomer to the world of blogging, I had a lot to learn, and the process of figuring everything out in order to get this website up and running was really enjoyable. I am happy with the product you are seeing in front of you today. There’s still a long journey ahead but I am very excited.

After working for about 2 years on my own portfolio as a Product Designer I was met with an unfortunate realization that the market isn’t very kind to juniors. So even though I keep looking for my next job I decided to start something new for myself. Maybe in the future, I will even include design-related content in my blog, but not at the moment.

Right now my goal is to become consistent and as time moves on I will do my best to update this page as my blog evolves over time. So below you will find my updates with some new developments.

1.1.2023 – New Year Update

Been about a month since I started working on my website, tried a few different website builders but eventually I selected as my builder. It has a lot of flexibility and options with more to come in the future which is really exciting.

Besides that I have been using a few tools to create a system of my own, these tools help me manage most of the content related tasks. I will create a more detailed guide in the future that covers all of my strategies and the different ways I utilize these tools.

  1. Notion – Using this extraordinary tool I have created a complete database with links to my other tools, tracking for all the other tools I have in my kit, collaborations and contacts information and a lot more. And most importantly a lot of resources that are easy to access and even a task manager so I always know what to focus on next.
  2. – With their product I am able to quickly get a thorough research summary and even turn it into a writing draft. It makes the process of writing much simpler, and that’s the important part about creating a blog or any type of business at that – staying consistent. It’s hard to keep doing the same thing over and over again when there’s no immediate reward, but these thing take time.
  3. Figma – This might come as a bit of a surprise but as a product designer I have a lot of experience using this design tool and it is really helpful for creating thumbnails. Even though it is not the main goal of the product it is still very easy to understand and create a system for producing these images.

Some other tools I have been using that will be included in my complete guide in the future:, Ubersuggest, Artemis, Yoast and many more, this will be it for this update. I should make it a habit of posting on the first of every month to create a really thorough process of my blogging journey that can later be used as a document for others.

22.1.2023 – Small Milestone

Yeah I know it’s not the start of the new month but I felt like sharing something important (for me at least). I am very happy to say I have finally completed the first achievement I have set for myself. To create 4 posts in each of the 4 categories available on my blog. This may seem like it’s not big deal to some but for me it’s proof I am willing to put in the effort to work on the blog for the long haul.

So what have I learned during this time? First of all, blogging is hard and it will definitely take time for the ball to start rolling (or maybe that’s just me). But I am not looking for quick success because that can quickly disappear, I am working for a long term asset that I can be proud of.

I have improved my process and now I have a Notion document that has everything I need to manage my blog, I can see all the tools I am already using, some of which I have purchased: like WP Rocket, Frase etc and some are freemium products (Free version available) that are enough for the time being.

Besides the tools I also have all posts documented there with links to the post itself including to my research tool (Frase) that has all the original drafts. I am considering turning my Notion document into a template for others to use as well, I will have to make a guide on how I use it and then turn it into a template. Complete Blogging System in Notion as a name, sounds pretty nice right?